You can obtain a NYC handgun license for business or personal protection by 
using our professional license service. We make applying for a handgun license fast and easy.  A NYC handgun license is valid
throughout New York City and
New York State with proper authorization. When you obtain a NYC handgun license using our services we can also assist you in receiving an additional 
multi-state concealed carry license that is valid in 33 other States.

We have over 25 years experience in providing pistol license services in
New York City. If you are a NYC business owner or private individual we will assist you in obtaining a NYC handgun license. New York City has the toughest gun licensing laws in the nation and the handgun license application process is very difficult, complicated and time consuming. Use our professional services to simplify and speed the entire handgun license application process.
Currently, there are over 62,000 handgun licenses issued in New York City to business owners, private individuals, armed guards, peace officers, private investigators, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, etc. You can protect yourself and your family from violent crime with your own licensed handgun. Apply today. Results are guaranteed!

BONUS: Free one year gun range membership included with our services.


You can train for a prestigious and high paying career in armed security and executive protection. We offer the official New York State 47 hour armed guard training and licensing program. All armed guard courses are conducted at our affiliated armed guard school, which is the only licensed firearms training school in Manhattan. We have a complete gun range, gun shop and classrooms in the same facility. All firearms instructors are fully licensed by New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. Full and part time classes are available. The armed guard training course includes; FREE ammunition, targets and study materials. Plus, a FREE one year gun range membership. Call us today for the current course tuition fee and enrollment information.



Are you concerned about crime or terrorism at your business or organization? New York City business owners and managers can greatly improve security on their premises by participating in the official NYC Special Patrolman Program. This is a joint public safety endeavor in cooperation with the New York City Police Department.
New York City and State law provides for
 the formation and operation of this special law enforcement force within private and public sector entities. The mission of the Special Patrolman Program is to enforce the law, prevent crime and enhance public safety. 

As public safety consultants, we will arrange for government approval and licensing of qualified businesses to participate in the Special Patrolman Program. 
Our consultants are all former law enforcement and military officers.
We conduct a comprehensive on-site survey and evaluation of your business premises for successfully implementing the Special Patrolman Program.

Special Patrolmen are peace officers as prescribed by New York City and State laws and thereby granted law enforcement authority and arrest powers. Special Patrolmen are appointed under the direction of the New York City Police Commissioner and take a sworn oath of office at police headquarters. Special Patrolmen are issued an official law enforcement shield and identification credentials by the New York City Police Department. Special Patrolmen can be authorized to carry firearms, at the option of their employer and with NYPD approval.
 We arrange all mandated law enforcement training for your selected employees to be appointed as Special Patrolmen.

Our affiliated law enforcement training academy in Manhattan is staffed by expert instructors that are licensed by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. Our training curriculum is approved by NYS DCJS for peace officers. Special Patrolmen are required to pass a basic 99 hour peace officer course, which includes tactical handcuffing, police baton techniques, use of chemical spray and all relevant City, State and Federal laws. Special Patrolmen who are authorized to carry a firearm will also receive an additional 40 hour firearm training course for peace officers. We also provide the State mandated annual peace officer refresher courses.

 Special Patrolmen are authorized to...
  • Wear police style uniforms or regular plain clothes 
  • Use police frequency two-way radios for communication
  • Carry licensed firearms, batons, pepper spray, handcuffs, etc.
  • Use marked patrol cars or emergency vehicles
  • Direct and control vehicular traffic
  • Make lawful arrests for misdemeanors and felony crimes 
  • Issue summonses for criminal violations, parking and traffic violations, environmental and sanitation violations

Special Patrolman receive their peace officer status specifically from New York State Criminal Procedure Law Section 2.10, subsection 27, N.Y. ADC LAW § 14-106 and by Rules of the City of New York, Chapter 13 of Title 38.
Special Patrolmen are commissioned by the New York City Police Commissioner. Special Patrolman are sworn law enforcement officers, unlike private security guards and auxiliary police officers, that do not have any law enforcement authority or arrest powers.

The Special Patrolman Program is suitable for housing developments, office buildings, hotels, banks, educational institutions, medical centers, hospitals, houses of worship, shopping malls, sports stadiums, theaters, large retail stores, business improvement districts, utility companies, and any sensitive or high risk business. The Special Patrolman Program is exclusively for businesses and organizations that are located within New York City.

The following organizations successfully participate in the NYC Special Patrolman Program:

  • CO-OP City Houses, Bronx, NY
  • Peter Cooper-Stuyvesant Town, New York, NY
  • Lefrak City Organization, Rego Park, NY
  • Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, New York, NY
  • Big Six Towers, Woodside, NY
  • Parkchester South Condominiums, Bronx, NY
  • Parkchester North Condominiums, Bronx, NY
  • Macy's Department Store, New York, NY 
  • Shubert Theater Organization, New York, NY
  • Hunt's Point Farmer's Market, Bronx, NY
  • Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
  • Queens Center Mall, Elmhurst, NY
  • Times Square Malls, New York, NY 
  • Saint Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, NY
  • New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs, New York, NY
  • John Jovino Company Inc., New York, NY
  • Emigrant Savings Bank, New York, NY
  • Milstein Properties Inc., New York, NY
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
  • New York Public Library, New York, NY
  • Many additional businesses currently participate in the Special Patrolman Program, but are too numerous to list here.

If you are a business owner or director, then we welcome your inquiry regarding implementing the official Special Patrolman Program at your business. 

NOTE: Individuals seeking appointment as a Special Patrolman must first be hired and sponsored by a participating employer and then pass the requisite background checks for deputization.

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